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Sunshine Coast, An Investor’s Dream


Carol Anne Norgrove is the principal Portfolio and Property Manager. An independent owner operator, Carol Anne is hands on at every step, bringing experience when it counts.

At Can Properties Noosa, we specialise in personalised property management services for clients in the Noosa and Sunshine Coast areas. We offer unique experiences tailored to your requirements and work diligently to ensure that your investment achieves its full potential. Our aim is to maximise your rental return through both short-term and long-term rentals, staying ahead of local market trends and needs by utilising superior marketing and sales techniques. We take pride in our exceptional response time, providing fast and professional service to guests. Our ultimate goal is to deliver an all-year-round yield for our clients, ensuring they receive the best possible return on investment. As property managers, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and care for your investment property.

Why choose Can Properties Noosa?

You will get the most out of investment working with us.

Focus matters

Your portfolio investment manager must have experience with the business of selling properties. This intricate area needs industry expertise to maximise your investment.


Size (of list) Matters

Ask how many prospective tenants can your property be marketed to? How big is the database? Is it specialised with qualified leads? You want a sizeable number of relationships to reliably draw on to sell or purchase a property and meet your ongoing needs. The biggest, most established agency may not be best… Consider locals with a track record and a solid market base.


Go Local

Make sure you appoint the most professional, knowledgeable and experienced service, in the local area of your property. This will ensure the manager is close at hand and has local knowledge relevant for your property. Anyone considering buying an investment property should research the property management services on the market before completing the purchase. Better to be safe in experienced hands sooner than later.



Property investment to your needs

Can Properties specialises in personalised property management for clients in Noosa and the Sunshine Coast areas. Their ultimate goal is to maximise rental returns for clients through both short-term and long-term rentals. With industry expertise, they work diligently to ensure investments achieve their full potential while providing exceptional service to guests with fast and professional response times. Can Properties’ approach minimises risk for property owners and provides peace of mind while generating wealth through high occupancy rates.

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